Excellent Communication

Conversations to move you forward.


Navigating your way through difficult times in a neutral environment.


Excellent mediation skills to guide you towards the future.

Marie Sullivan OAM is an experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with over 30 years’ legal and mediation experience.

Marie brings to her mediations excellent people skills, deep listening skills, empathy, authority and high levels of professionalism that ensure clients feel comfortable, safe and respected. Her mediations are future focussed, child-focussed in parenting matters and solution oriented. Marie knows that mediation is the most cost effective and healing way to resolve seemingly intractable disputes.

Marie is also an experienced senior lawyer with three decades of experience in Family and Estates Law, and Corporate and Financial Services Law, with deep experience in family law, mediation and superannuation and business law.

marie sullivan

Safe | Resolution Focussed Without Court | Self-determining | Healing

We provide mediation which is solution oriented, future focussed and child-focussed in parenting matters.

Mediation is a proven process whereby a neutral or impartial person, the mediator, helps those in dispute to discuss and re-evaluate the issues in a safe, respectful and confidential environment in order to come up with solutions of their own making, typically resulting in an outcome each party can live with and which least interrupts their lives.

Mediation = resolution without litigation.


Family dispute resolution

We can help parents to discuss parenting issues, identify options and work out parenting and property agreements that are in the best interests of the children and in a safe and controlled environment.

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Our range of mediation services

Pre-nuptial and reconcilation, family wills and estates, commercial disputes, neighbour disputes, and mediation for small community organisations are just some examples of the range of mediation services we can provide.

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Fees for professional mediation services

You are welcome to contact us about our fee structures. Each party is invoiced separately. All mediation fees, except for the initial telephone intake conference, are paid in advance so expectations are managed.

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What my clients say:

Professional | Analytical skills | Logical Thinker | Experience Excellent Legal Knowledge | Impartial | Eye For Detail | Diligent | Understanding | Excellent Communication Skills | Immediate Rapport | Discreet | Empathetic Listener | Prompt to Respond