Pre-Nuptial and Reconciliation Mediations

Many of us fall into relationships when we are young or not looking! A number of clients who feel that they want to stay together, value and are committed to one another, indeed love one another, but need to reset, have attended our ground-breaking Reconciliation Mediation offering.  Equally, those who are planning to marry after a long period of cohabitation and who may have slipped into bad habits have attended a Pre-Nuptial Mediation and have found this service invaluable.

In the Intake Session, each client identifies the issues that make living together a challenge or intolerable and identify the behaviours that must change.

In a safe and controlled environment, during the mediation, we work through the issues and document the agreed changes. For the clients who have utilised this service, to date this service has worked like a charm.

Wills and Estate Mediation

The settlement of wills and estates contests can be stressful for all involved.  Sometimes there is no will and often wills are written in a way that lacks the clarity that the Executors and Trustees needs.  Sometimes a will is clearly written but contains unexpected decisions that cause distress for some family members.  We apply a mediation model to assist parties to resolve disputes and allow the space that is needed to process grief and loss. Marie Sullivan Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation provides a safe environment for you to have a constructive conversation with a view to better understanding each other’s perspective.  We then help you to collaborate or negotiate with each other in order to make the decisions that will resolve your disputes. .

Elder Mediation

Change can is almost always stressful, and conflict often emerges during times of transition in our lives.  One of the most stressful transitions is the process of helping aged parents or very ill family members to make decisions about their living arrangements when their health is declining. Family systems can be complicated and sometimes old patterns of communication can contribute to misunderstandings.  Marie offers a facilitated process to clarify perspectives and support decision making.

Commercial Disputes

Marie Sullivan facilitates mediations between organizations with the goal of assisting the resolution of disputes without the expense of a potentially lengthy and expensive legal process that may damage the working relationship between the organizations.

Neighbour Disputes

Marie Sullivan provides a safe environment for neighbours to have a constructive conversation that enables them to better understand each other’s perspective. We then facilitate a negotiation which enables decisions to be made regarding how the conflict can best be resolved.

Small community organisations

Marie Sullivan offers a facilitated process to bring issues to the surface, clarify perspectives, address communication difficulties and support decision making.

Shuttle Mediations

All mediations can be conducted in more than one room with the mediator going backwards of forwards between the participants – in other words conducting a “shuttle mediation”.


We will type up any agreements that are made during the mediation and provide all parties with a copy or you can arrange for your independent lawyers to finalize the arrangements for you.